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A close-knit team
made up of qualified experts.


We provide legal services in the field of company law in the broadest sense. Our team can take care of drafting contracts, day-to-day advice and specific legal opinions.

We also conduct legal proceedings, principled negotiations and mediation.

Thanks to our invaluable network of partners, we offer a comprehensive service. This means that we can answer any technical question, even when we are not specialists in the matter.


Company law for firms in difficulty

We advise and represent firms in difficulty on a daily basis. To this end, we put in place a range of mechanisms intended to save firms or part of their activities, from negotiating agreements with creditors to implementing a restructuring plan.

Company and association law

Company law is at the heart of our day-to-day work. We are regularly consulted by SMEs, associations and start-ups to support them in their growth. We draw on our extensive experience to help them seize opportunities and anticipate risks.

Property law

We advise real estate companies, shopping centres, shopping arcades and residential complexes on a daily basis. We assist our clients in drafting and managing commercial and private leases, as well as in the process of purchase/sale of real estate or real estate companies.

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

When we are consulted on litigation, we draw on our legal expertise to find an economically acceptable solution. We always start our assignments with strategic advice and a prior risk assessment. We give priority to alternative dispute resolution methods when this is preferred and feasible (principled negotiation, mediation, etc.).

Commercial law and commercial distribution

We draft your commercial contracts throughout the life cycle of your company, primarily in the area of distribution. We draw on the business experience of various members of our firm, in order to take a pragmatic approach to all situations.

Employment law

For the last 10 years, we have been advising a company with more than 30 outlets and several thousand employees. We are called upon on a daily basis to advise on questions of individual labour relations between employers and employees.

Banking and financial law

Our experience in this field has meant that we have handled cases through negotiation and/or legal proceedings, both for professionals and private individuals.

At every stage of your development, we help you make the best decisions for your business.